Thursday, January 28, 2010

Organized doesn't mean Clean

Well, after hours in the sanctuary (new one/small one) it looks messier and more disastrous than when I started.
I have separated my mini-project bit'n'pieces into categories and they are on separate shelves, Sculpting, Construction/Woodworking, Dolls, Paint's & Finishes, Decorative Details, Flowers (including kits bought 3 years ago!! YIKES!) and all Sewing is in one area, and Fabrics are neatly binned.
It feels good.
Helps to take the before pictures, then I can remember how far I have actually come and feel like I have accomplished a bit!


  1. you have been busy! It looks pretty great so far- I bet it feels great too :)

  2. So happy to see this post! :D
    I just moved into a new house and am still trying to figure out how to organize my craft room. Yours looks a lot like mine right now!