Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Time Marches on........and ran me over!

November 16th already....sheesh. I know, I had planned to finish my Witches shop by Halloween, and nothing...

I am very disappointed in myself, I was doing really well. I was on a roll with the little books and then KABLAM I hit the creative block wall. Gremlins must have been in my things as everything I touched turned crap. I am now putting the little witches house away. Not for good, but for now.

I have a Giant Unfinished Dollhouse in the room that has been waiting for me. It looks like a big, sad, unfinished face. I had started it LONG before I even got the Witches shop.

 So, back to stone work I will go, then varnish, then mortar and.....we shall see what's next. As winter has arrived with a blizzard, I plan on hiding in that room as soon as this coming weekend is over!