Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Thrill of it all!

I was just perusing the Imagination Mall and I get giddy! All the amazing artisans out there, doing this for a living, I can only dream about it. Perhaps I am too chicken to take the leap. Some day I would love to sell miniatures. For now, I will settle for finishing the houses I have and NOT buy any more, 6 is quite sufficient for a 900 square foot apartment.
I would like to learn to make miniature dolls one day as well.
Please try not to laugh, this is a fairy doll I made in July 1994, she's not to scale, her face is kinda scary, but she was my introduction to the amazing stuff, POLYMER CLAY.

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  1. Hi Jolie! Just got around to seeing that I have 4 followers on my blog and thought I should check in with each of them. :) If your fairy doll is your first attempt ever on polymer clay sculpting, I'd say you should certainly stick with it - you have a real flair and creative ability. I'm pretty sure there are Yahoo groups for mini-dolls - both making and dressing. You might want to see if you can find anything that would interest and inspire you. Your house is coming along nicely - will you be posting pictures of the other five?

    Mary Lynne