Thursday, January 28, 2010

Organized doesn't mean Clean

Well, after hours in the sanctuary (new one/small one) it looks messier and more disastrous than when I started.
I have separated my mini-project bit'n'pieces into categories and they are on separate shelves, Sculpting, Construction/Woodworking, Dolls, Paint's & Finishes, Decorative Details, Flowers (including kits bought 3 years ago!! YIKES!) and all Sewing is in one area, and Fabrics are neatly binned.
It feels good.
Helps to take the before pictures, then I can remember how far I have actually come and feel like I have accomplished a bit!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Well, it's getting there.

The Micheal's dollhouse is starting to look better and better. Sadly though, the floors are a bit saggy. I should have primed it better. Here are some more photos:

The floors are a real challenge. I think next time, I will use stir sticks for all the floors. The veneer was easy to cut, but curled when I glued them down, curled when I painted/stained them...I have 3 rooms with curly floors.

These pictures are before and after the staining/painting the stir-stick hardwood. The stain was Much darker than I wanted & thought if I washed it down with a white paint, it would age/crackle and finish nicely. WRONG! They look like pickled wood. Guess I will work with what I've got now.

I will get back to more finishing this weekend, while listening to Pirate Latitudes, by the late Michael Crichton!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Thrill of it all!

I was just perusing the Imagination Mall and I get giddy! All the amazing artisans out there, doing this for a living, I can only dream about it. Perhaps I am too chicken to take the leap. Some day I would love to sell miniatures. For now, I will settle for finishing the houses I have and NOT buy any more, 6 is quite sufficient for a 900 square foot apartment.
I would like to learn to make miniature dolls one day as well.
Please try not to laugh, this is a fairy doll I made in July 1994, she's not to scale, her face is kinda scary, but she was my introduction to the amazing stuff, POLYMER CLAY.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Good Start to the New Year

I have slapped some paint on to the Micheal's dollhouse, when I say "slapped" I mean, very splotchy first coat. But it gives me an idea of the look of the finished product and it looks much better without my glasses on.
Here are some pre & post paint photos.