Saturday, December 4, 2010

Welcome to the Renos!

I wanted to post some other pictures of the inside and entry. After the stone work is finished on the side and before I begin on the front porch, I need to cut around the door so the pre-fab door will fit. THAT might be a little bit of a nightmare. I would love to electrify this, but it seems strange to have lights on in the whole house all the time. I would love to have battery lights for each room but I already bought some marvelous lamps at a great discount. I do have 4 electricians in the family, I am thinking it's time to call in some favours!
Entrance on the front porch

Attic Nursery (eventually)

Upstairs bedroom or landing (haven't yet decided)

Closer and Closer

My aching back is totally worth it, and not just because I get to have a nice massage. It's starting to come together. I will still need to do the next 3 steps, colour with pastel chalk, varnish, varnish, varnish (varnish is one step but need at least 3 coats) and then grout. It's going to get messy! I can't wait!

After the 'stone' is applied

When did my Butt get so old?

Lesson learned from today:
  1. Sitting on the floor to play is meant for much younger, fitter and flexible miniaturists!
  2. Glue is not delicious.
  3. Where my butt has plenty of padding, my elbows do not.
After (almost)

Progressing nicely!