Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Well, it's getting there.

The Micheal's dollhouse is starting to look better and better. Sadly though, the floors are a bit saggy. I should have primed it better. Here are some more photos:

The floors are a real challenge. I think next time, I will use stir sticks for all the floors. The veneer was easy to cut, but curled when I glued them down, curled when I painted/stained them...I have 3 rooms with curly floors.

These pictures are before and after the staining/painting the stir-stick hardwood. The stain was Much darker than I wanted & thought if I washed it down with a white paint, it would age/crackle and finish nicely. WRONG! They look like pickled wood. Guess I will work with what I've got now.

I will get back to more finishing this weekend, while listening to Pirate Latitudes, by the late Michael Crichton!

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  1. Its got an old fashioned sort of look i like it :)