Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Most recent Project: 1/24 Scale Play house

I am terrible for beginning projects when others are not yet completed. This is why I dare not take my McKinley kit out of the closet.

This is a puzzle dollhouse from Micheal's that my best friend, Allie, got me for my birthday. There is also a furnishing kit.

I have primed it with metalic primer, put it together and filled the gaps with wood filler and sanded. Now to spray with white primer. After that I will decorate! It's the perfect size for my child dolls to have as a club house.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Bit's and pieces of past work...until I get a new camera :o(

This is a picture of what I made for my Mom on Mother's Day one year (2006??) She's an avid gardener and has a beautiful yard.

This is my first "commission" piece. I made it for a friend of mine for his wife for Christmas. He was trying to get her the last piece they needed for their wedding china and it was on back order and wouldn't have arrived in time for Christmas. So I offered to make it in miniature so she would have something to open on Christmas. She loved it and now hangs it on the tree every Christmas.

Chickens in the chicken run. I built the chicken run from plans in one of my bazillions of dolls house magazines. I can't remember which one though. The Bantam hen and Rooster were part of my childhood playthings that my grandmother had in her "Toy Box" for when we would visit. I asked my mom if I could have them for minis, she thought my Gran would have liked it. They were plain white chickens, so I had to paint them up to look like the Bantams I grew up with on my parent's acreage.

One of my 4 Orphans: Stone Farm house

Oh how I am a sucker for orphans. This dolls house was built for my friend's little sister when they lived in Jakarta.They brought it all the way back to Canada and stored it for 15+ years, alas, the girl grew out of dolls houses...not like some of us. One year they decided to have a huge clean out and were going to throw it away! I, of course, had to adopt it.
Sadly, the bamboo shingles didn't survive very well in our dry Alberta climate and kept snapping off every time I moved it. The carved teak wood trim was worse for wear and had to be removed...much of it was missing too.

The shingles have been removed, now but this is what they looked like, from a distance they look nice, not really nice up close and I added stone work using this technique shown here, recycling at it's BEST! It has a LONG way to go, but I will keep you posted!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Halloween Magic and Witches supply shop.

This is a press out puzzle dollhouse that my Dad (my biggest enabler of my mini obsession) found for me at a garage sale for $5.00! This was a couple of years ago now, I haven't worked on it since.

It had never been opened (or loved, kind of sad actually) and was still in the plastic.

I painted all the pieces before I punched them out and put it together. The shingles are from "business card" birch veneer from LeeValley tools. I snapped them in half randomly and painted them with watered down grey and black paint, then sponged it off.

Broom parking to the left of the entrance, for your convenience. For your safety, no alighting betwixt the gables, thank you!

Our hours are from 12 midnight November 1st until 12 midnight September 30th. The jack-o-lantern is made of paperclay, a great tutorial from MiniMotion:

We do not accept credit or trades.

Happy working space

I was successful with my furniture tetris, and now have a happy, if tiny, working space. Alas, my camera is no longer working so I cannot take any new pictures of my on going projects until Christmas (as a little purple camera is on my list to St Nick!)
As Halloween approaches though, I will be posting pictures of my little witches shop, which hasn't had the interior completed yet, but the exterior is looking ok.