Saturday, March 6, 2010

A wonderful but busy week!

Well, my birthday vacation week is almost over. Alas, I didn't mini as much as I could have, but here is what I have done:
Stones glued in place


Pastel chalk used to tint them:I also put on a coat of varnish, I recommend 2 coats especially because the polyfill part is messy (or was for me as I added way too much water!)  
Mortar between the stones: I tinted the polyfill with black paint as it dries really pale compared to the rock effect, and because I didn't put enough varnish on, the pastel chalk wasn't protected enough and some of the colours came off.

What I have learned from this little experiment:
  1. After putting on the "rocks" and painting them gently with pastel chalk, always put on at least 2 coats of varnish to protect them.
  2. More is better, the polyfill dries so light thtat if you want a darker effect, use a bit more paint than you think you do.
  3. DO NOT ADD TOO MUCH WATER TO THE POLYFILL. Mine was like melted chocolate...not good.
  4. I used a bottle with a nipple top, don't cut the hole too big or you will have a mess. If you can get one, use a medicine syringe with a very small hole in the tip.
 The over all effect is what I wanted though. I am pleased, but I have a lot of paint touch ups to do!