Saturday, December 4, 2010

Welcome to the Renos!

I wanted to post some other pictures of the inside and entry. After the stone work is finished on the side and before I begin on the front porch, I need to cut around the door so the pre-fab door will fit. THAT might be a little bit of a nightmare. I would love to electrify this, but it seems strange to have lights on in the whole house all the time. I would love to have battery lights for each room but I already bought some marvelous lamps at a great discount. I do have 4 electricians in the family, I am thinking it's time to call in some favours!
Entrance on the front porch

Attic Nursery (eventually)

Upstairs bedroom or landing (haven't yet decided)

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  1. Just looked at your last few posts. The stone work on your house is fabulous!