Sunday, August 26, 2012

Packing Up and Moving Out!

Wow, I am a lazy blogger. It has been nearly a year since I posted anything. A year of many, many changes. I find myself single, happy and being kicked out of my home of 10 years! What a great opportunity for me to get a bigger better place, a place with a master bedroom that will become a dream craft room!

Packing has been on going since April, but so much to do and how do you classify dollhouses when you are hiring movers? As furniture?

I hate moving, but this move, I am so excited about. October 1st is coming faster than I could imagine and in a way not fast enough!


  1. Does anyone know of any good Norristown movers around pennsylvania?

  2. Moving can be a stressful event. However, you can arrive at your destination with your things intact. A moving company may have more specific instructions for packing things like firearms and mirrors.

    Moving and Storage in Maryland

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  4. Your energy is infectious! But you know, someone told me that a person who longs to leave the place he lives in is an unhappy person. I’m not saying you’re unhappy, but maybe that you weren’t being the happiest you could be in there. Hope this major change will bring a lot of improvements in your life, in whatever aspect! :D By the way, you mentioned you’ve been packing since April? It’s nice you’re being cool with all these. :D

    Ericka ^.^

  5. That's okay, my friend. At least, you've changed for the better, right? :) When it comes to packing up, my advice to you is to designate a color for each room in the new home you will be moving in. Like for example: yellow for the dining room, orange for the living room and so on. That way, you won't be confused.

    Dominic Ly