Sunday, February 27, 2011

Progress on Flooring

Welcome to my New Followers!
Well, three rooms finished, five rooms to go with the hardwood installation. Then sanding, oh so much sanding, staining and varnish. The other two rooms (kitchen and bath) will be tile floors and I am still trying to find just the right medium to use for those rooms. I put the kibosh on the stairs, not enough square footage (or is that "inchage") so there will be imaginary stairs in this house.
There will be paper crate tile in the bay window nook as the lady of the house will have her plants there and we don't want water damaging the hardwood.
The flooring team.

Hard working and dapper dresser!

A not so enthusiastic assistant, but he can fetch and carry, my new addition to my collection Edgar Basil (that's BAH-zil not BAY-sil) Winchester, the Basset.


  1. Looking good Jolie! I like your work crew, that little guy and his helper pup are getting a lot done :)
    Victoria ♥

  2. Jolie, It is looking so good! I wonder if you can enlarge your font. It was so difficult to read with the size and the light color. Maybe it is just my eyes?....LOL

  3. Cute photos! Great job on the floors!